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What We Do

Company and Business setup

We assist our clients to form the below mentioned business as per their requirement with ease.
  • Public Limited Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • Subsidiary Company including Foreign Subsidiary
  • Limited Liability Partnership – LLP
  • Partnership
  • Sole Trader
  • Joint Venture
  • Project/ Branch office

Taxation Advisory

We will create awareness of the latest updates and compliance on Direct and Indirect Taxation to Individual as well as corporate clients.
We assist in the following Direct & Indirect Taxation
  • Income Tax,
  • FEMA
  • Company Law
  • Excise and Customs Act,
  • GST
  • Transfer Pricing

Accounting Services

We provide Book keeping services according to the type of industry and scalable to any size of the business.

Mergers and Acquisition Consulting

We provide consultancy services for Merger and Acquisition according to the requirement of the Clients.

Banking & Finance

We also assist our clients for obtaining various type of facilities mentioned below from the Banks, as per the requirement of the clients.
  • CC Limits
  • Overdraft Facility
  • Term Loan
  • Other business Loan

IT System Security Solutions Management

Security Challenges :- IT systems are prone to failure and security violations due to errors and vulnerabilities. These errors and vulnerabilities can be caused by many factors, such as rapidly changing technology, human error, poor requirement specifications, poor development processes or underestimating the threat. In addition, system modifications, new flaws and new attacks are frequently introduced, which contributes to increased vulnerabilities, failures and security violations throughout the IT system life cycle.
The industry came to the realization that it is almost impossible to guarantee an error-free, risk-free and secure IT system due to the imperfection of the opposing security mechanisms, human error or oversight, and component or equipment failure.
Completely secure IT systems do not exist; only those in which the owners may have varying degrees of confidence that security needs of a system are satisfied.
In addition, many information systems have not been designed to be secure. The security that can be achieved through technical means is limited and should be supported by appropriate configuration, process/ procedure and management.
Security Assessment and Management :- Security assurance requirements are determined by “analyzing the security requirements of the IT system, influencers, policies, business drivers and the IT system’s target environment. Influencers are any considerations that need to be addressed as they may affect the IT system assurance requirements. The influence can have any origin and may include such intangibles as politics, culture, local laws and mandated requirements".
Security is concerned with the protection of assets. “Assets” are entities upon which someone places value. Many assets are in the form of information that is stored, processed and transmitted by IT products to meet requirements laid down by owners of the information. Safeguarding assets of interest is the responsibility of the owners who place value on those assets. A risk assessment is performed to provide an in-depth look at asset sensitivity, vulnerabilities and threats to determine the residual risk and recommendations for existing and proposed safeguards. The recommendations implemented are factored into the original security requirements to revise the security assurance requirements.
The task of IT security (ITS), Solutions and management is to manage the security risk by mitigating the vulnerabilities and threats with technological and organizational security measures to achieve an IT system with acceptable assurance. ITS management has an additional task: establishing acceptable assurance and risk objectives. In this way, the stakeholders of an IT system will achieve reasonable confidence that the IT system performs in the way intended or claimed, with acceptable risk and within budget.
It is also important to note that “assurance requirements are unique to each environment due to the varied business and security requirements. The same IT system may not be suitable to other environments without modifications in line with its requirement.
To achieve comprehensive assurance, the IT system must be assessed to ensure the correct design, implementation, operation and the deliverable must provide the appropriate security functionality to counter the identified threats and weakness. So YCus will provide the complete solution to function in secured environment

Business Continuity

With the rise of Big Data module , most of the organizations value their information more than ever before and secure all data and process. Even though the organization secure their data and process but if the organization can not work during any Natural, technical disaster then it is really an alarming situation. So there A business continuity plan (BCP) ensures you , have access to mission-critical data, and operational applications right after a disaster on the roadmap made by the organisation. In today’s hyper-competitive market, a lapse on your part will lead to downtime for your customer which will likely end up meaning the customer will migrate to the competitors. Can any business afford to lose their clients?
A detailed business continuity plan (BCP) is not a short-term solution, but an aspect that requires significant time, resources, and
collaboration from each & everyone in the organization. A BCP cannot be approached the same way as a task on a checklist, that you can tick and move on from. Rather, business continuity planning is an ongoing measure that warns and protects you from all the elements all through the year.
YCus can help your business implement a business continuity plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan that will protect your organization against any downtime, data loss or service outage.

Snap shot of IT Services

  • Network and Server Security Management
  • Digital Data – Cloud security
  • Information Security Compliance Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Application and data base Security Review
  • Internal Audit and Risk Advisory
  • Vendor Management Review

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